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Getting Organised with the Nooshel 2018 Dog Diary


The guys at Nooshel kindly gifted me my very own Dog Diary earlier this year, a product I'd swooned over on Instagram, and soon realised was a must-have necessity. It's coming to the end of January (and very nearly my first year as a professional pet photographer) and honestly, I don't know how I ever survived without my little black book. Here's what I love most about it ...


Quotes that speak to every dog owner ...


With the start of each month, comes a new inspirational quote. I tried to choose my favourite, which as you can imagine is pretty impossible, so I've snapped a few. Another reason why I love the quote pages is because they act as monthly dividers, making it easier to navigate throughout the whole diary. Dates are also spread out evenly giving you ample space. With three dates per A5 page, there's enough room to write in your daily tasks. There's also a monthly planner at the start of each month - a handy summary page for upcoming events.


Personal ...


I guess every diary is personal and over time becomes almost like a scrapbook for your bits, pieces and forget-me-nots. As well as the Dog Diary being a useful tool for my job, it's also becoming a place where I can store precious items such as this photo-strip of Ted and I. It looks great against the black matt pages. There's also a handy wallet storage area integrated into the back cover. Everything has been carefully thought about. 


Important Dates ...


Having important dates such as National Dog Day already printed in the diary, has been an absolute god-send for me. It's given me time to prepare for my promotional strategies and the year ahead, well in advance. It's also handy that key dates are neatly placed in the top right corner, leaving ample amount of space to pencil things in. 



For more information on how to get your own copy of The Dog Diary 2018 click through to the Nooshel website. There's currently 10% off!