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A morning with Emma + Lady at Pot Yer Tits Away Luv


I'm sat having a brew with Emma Low, creative goddess and founder of Pot Yer Tits Away Luv, when Lady saunters into the living room. It's as if she's a stunning wild animal parading around her natural habitat. She's teeny tiny and mega fluffy, but slinks past like a badass jungle cat. She's a bit dubious about having a stranger in the room, but after coaxing her out with a bag of Dreamies, it's not long before Lady ventures out from the safety of the dining table, and unleashes the sass. 

Once she's out, I get a glimpse into Emma and Lady's relationship. They play with Lady's favourite toy, a Macrame knotted tassel, specially made by Knotting to See Here. Lady's tiny cat claws make a brief appearance (outside of her fabulous head-to-toe main) and it's not long until Lady wins. Mostly because the tassly bits get caught in her nails. Girl problems. 


With Emma's tit pots being in such high demand, she was recently able to go full-time, making and painting these bespoke pieces from her home studio. As a proud PYTAL follower, I often see Lady's little face make an appearance on Instagram. She's become a mascot, and perhaps unintentionally part of Emma's brand. 


Emma also tells me about Lady's rotation system with the furniture. She gets attached to a certain spot - her throne for the week. The yellow chair, the dining table, the couch in Emma's office. They've all doubled up as a cat nap spot at some point or another. Lady also likes to hide right underneath Emma's desk chair. Incognito cat. 


Lady is an Exotic Short Hair with deceptively small ears, gorgeously symmetrical whiskers, a pressed-in face and gives looks that could kill. Cute doesn't even cut it. She's also got little quirks that are unique to her, some of which I get to witness for myself. I ask Emma what her favourite thing is about Lady and she tells me about the delicate sounds her little paw pads make when she's entering a room. And in the day, when it's just the two of them in the house, that little patter becomes almost like a Lady alarm. Cue break. I'm here. Give me attention. 


We end the shoot with Lady guarding some freshly painted tit pots. She's still giving me the death stare but I think we managed to bond. It's either the death stare or the Dreamies gaze. It's hard to tell. 

You can see more of Lady's little face on the PotYerTitsAwayLuv Instagram feed. 

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