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What really happens when your dog goes to the groomers?


As a dog owner myself I was quite intrigued about what happens at the groomers. Ted's a bit of a wimp (and a bit of a diva), so it's hard for me to imagine him with a stranger. Even harder for me to image him being well behaved. So when an opportunity arose to collaborate with Anna at Moonshine Dog Grooming, I jumped at the chance. I shadowed her on a typical Tuesday and my camera and I got a little insight into not only Anna's pamper procedures, but the relationship she shares with each four legged client. It was a joy to witness her ability to welcome dogs and make them feel so at ease. 

The first appointment of the day was a nail clip with Gracie. She'd had a few unpleasant experiences at other groomers in the past, so she was a bit wary. Anna was brilliant and I could see Gracie instantly relax while Anna made sure to be extra gentle and careful. As you can see, she was one happy little lady after her manicure ... or is it pedicure? .... Paw-pedi? 


Next up was Ralph. He was booked in for a full 2 hour groom. When he arrived, he'd come straight from a 1 hour walk, with mud up to the elbows. Anna got stuck in. 

Straight away Ralph jumped up onto the table - he knew the score. He had a few checks; his ears, his fur, his teeth, nothing seemed untoward. So it was on to phase 2, bath time. I snapped away as Ralph indulged in his doggy massage. Anna uses all natural, luxury grooming products by award winning brand, For all Dog Kind. I love their tagline actually, 'For ours. For Yours. For all DogKind.', right there you can tell it's a brand that loves dogs as much as you do. After his muddy walk, Ralph had the deep cleanse shampoo - Aloe Vera, Rosemary and Eucalyptus oil, but there's a whole range to choose from, for all skin types and occasions. Beats Head & Shoulders any day. 


Once towelled down, Ralph was combed through ready for Anna to blast him with the dryer. Ear-defending headphones at the ready (it's very loud) and Ralph slumped straight down to sleep for his blow-dry. He was in his absolute element. 

Ralph looked absolutely adorable after he'd been dried. He was just a big fluffy marshmallow and reminded me of Dougal from the Magic Roundabout with his weighty ears. He was then clipped where his silky, puppy like fur was revealed underneath. Then the scissors came out and it was on to shaping up his beard, ears, brows and tail. He was such a good boy, keeping incredibly still, but I could see his eyes dosing and all he wanted to do, was to lie back down and drift off to sleep. Just before his owner arrived, he got a spritz of perfume, his very own Moonshine Dog Grooming bandana and was on his way. 


The last session of the day was another nail trim, this time with Ella. She was such a sweetheart and sat patiently as she had her toes inspected by Anna. It takes no time at all and soon Ella is good to go, clatter free. 


By the end of the day, the groom room felt warm and citrusy. I learnt so much from Anna. From how to do basic checks, to the more intricate techniques for trimming and shaping. But most of all, I learnt that when a dog goes to the groomers, it's not a dreadful experience (well when they go to Anna at least). It's actually more like a spa day. The lucky things. 

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You can also visit the Pet Stories and Moonshine Dog Grooming Facebook pages for more information.