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Terrarium Workshopping with Luna & Rudy at Form Lifestyle Store


As part of the Pets at Work series, I got to attend the Geo Fleur Terrarium Workshop at Form Lifestyle Store, Manchester, earlier this month. I popped along to snap not one, but two pets, hard at work. Rudy the Italian Greyhound is the resident shop dog at Form Lifestyle Store and Luna the Dachshund accompanies Sophie at Geo Fleur on all of her workshops, pop-ups and green activities. Just like their owners, these two little work dogs got to collaborate and I saw the beginning of a new friendship, as Luna the Dachshund and Rudy the Italian Greyhound met for this first time. 


When he's not curled up in his bed (or on Harry's lap), Rudy's either bolting up and down the impressive spiral staircase or jumping up at the beautifully displayed dog leads. Elly tells me how Rudy's managed to perfectly navigate his delicate paws up and down the intricate, gap filled steel steps. I try to snap him but he's too quick and when he thinks I'm not looking he spies on me inbetween the steps. In true Greyhound form he's up, down, back and forth in a flash. His favourite new game is to dash towards me. It's almost as if I'm doing a mega zoom through my lens. 

In the end I think Rudy loved having his picture taken and he starts showing off his cheeky side. I can't help but laugh when he steels a wooden price tag from the side to use as a play thing. He soon tires himself out and I can't believe my eyes when I see him curl up for a snooze. From the outstretched dog on his hind legs, leaping to tug at hanging objects, Rudy nearly double downs in size as he snugs up on Harry's lap. 


It's not long before Luna arrives, terrarium gear in tow. Rudy and Luna instantly hit it off, play fighting and chasing eachother around the shop. As the first workshop gets underway, I instantly assume the role of chief Luna cuddler. She's so tiny! Her squidgey paws flop down over my hands. Soon enough, the first workshop ends and Luna and Rudy receive even more fuss from all of the workshoppers.


As Sophie prepares the workshop area for her next session, Luna and I lend a helping hand. Luna makes the most of the offcuts, she plays a tug of war with discarded plant pots and her collar gets embellished with fresh greenery. Even though she might be making more of a mess, she's the prettiest little helper and blends right into the lush and earthy tones.


Plants, dogs and beautiful homewares. It's a winning trio for me, and I know I say this with every shoot, but I literally couldn't leave Luna & Rudy. We said our goodbyes with a group cuddle and I left these two new little besties with a warm fuzzy feeling. Dogs are just great aren't they. 

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