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A photography service that captures your pet's personality and the special relationship you share


Pet Stories Experiences


Introducing Pet Stories Experiences, a new series of events designed to cater to your pet’s personality.

Ever been on a beach walk and all of sudden you’re passed by hundreds of Sausage dogs? Or maybe you’ve been in the park and bumped into the biggest pack of Pugs you ever saw? It’s not uncommon to come across organised meet and greets for specific breeds, but Pet Stories Experiences brings dogs (and their owners) together based on their personality, rather than genetics.

Throughout 2019 we will be hosting various events. From the energetic dog that can run wild for hours, to the pampered lapdog that loves nothing more than a Puppacino at their favourite coffee shop, we’ll have an event just for you and your little sidekick.

So what happens on a Pet Stories Experience?

Sign up to the event that best suits your dog’s character, and receive beautiful candid photos of your dog’s day out. Not only will you be able to download all digital images from the event through a shared online gallery, but you will also receive 4x prints chosen by Emily, of your special day.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this new initiative or if you have an idea for an event, get in touch!

A Group Dog Walk in the Yorkshire Dales


The first experience of 2019 will be a group dog walk, led by an experienced walker through the Yorkshire Dales.

For £100 per dog, you get to walk as a pack through the stunning Yorkshire scenery, while Emily discretely takes candid photos along the way.

This experience is ideal for those energetic dogs that love adventure and hardly tire. The walk will be around 2-3 hours and you will receive all digital downloads as well as 4x prints, chosen by Emily. This event will take place late Spring/Summer, dates and location to be confirmed soon.

Only 6 spots available, so it’s first come first serve.

Coffee Morning


Does your dog often accompany you to your favourite coffee spot? Maybe they’re even prone to the odd Puppacino?

Sign up to our Coffee Morning, with a chance to meet other like minded dog owners and hounds, while getting papped along the way.

More details coming soon.