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An Afternoon with the Owner of Lifestory Edinburgh, Susan Doherty, and her Thinking Dog Rufus

Not so much a shop dog, but more a stay at home hound who happily remains on pigeon watch. There’s a lot to be learned from Rufus and his daily routine.

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What to Expect on a Pet Stories Photoshoot

Understanding your pet and the lifestyle you share is absolutely essential to producing great photographs. Read on for an insight into the process of a Pet Stories shoot and why taking the pictures is only a small part of it.

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Rupert's 3rd Birthday Pawty at Brewdog Leeds

Myself and Alan recently got to experience the new Brewdog party service for dogs, after receiving an invite (from Al’s little pal) to Rupert’s 3rd birthday party. We had so much fun, Alan could barely keep his eyes open by the end of it. Click through to see some of my favourite pictures from the night.

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