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A Coffee Date with Jeff the Whippet at 127 Edinburgh


A sweet natured boy who is never too far from his owner’s side. That’s Jeff. And in the brief time that I meet him, it’s easy to see how much of a loyal, patient and gracious hound he is. Together with his owner Mhairi, we meet at one of their favourite Edinburgh hangouts for a sophisticated coffee date (well, that is until Jeff discovers a rogue fly).


I’ve come to meet and photograph Jeff in the beautiful setting of 127 in Edinburgh, and with his sleek shiny grey colouring, it’s like he belongs here as he blends so effortlessly into his luxurious surroundings. Upon meeting him, he’s a bit shy as he hides behind the giant plant-pots beside him. He peers up at me through the leaves. He’s cautious but also has a curious look in his eye. He’s not too sure about the sounds coming from my camera, but after a few treats he soon comes round. Mhairi tells me more about his wary ways.

Jeff also has a cat sister but he very much knows his place. If she enters a room and his toys are on the floor he will stealthily creep round collecting them and put them back in his bed, even though she couldn’t care less! He’s your typical worried Whippet!

Almost instantly as I start shooting, Jeff becomes distracted by a trespassing fly. It’s only been about 2 seconds since he’s noticed the imposter, but he takes a swipe and gulps the fly down right away. I’ve never seen sharper fly catching skills. It’s hilarious. Mhairi and I can’t help but laugh! And from there on out, Jeff remains on fly watch, his eyes constantly checking the windows for any unwanted pests. I’m not complaining though as at the same time, he unintentionally works those angles. Mhairi tells me more about his cheeky personality.

He’s extremely nosey and thinks nothing of sticking his head in your handbag or if your car door is open he would hop straight in. When he visits someone else’s house he thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to have a nap on their bed or stare at them until they move from the sofa so he can steal their warm spot.

When’s Jeff’s not on the lookout for flies, he’s peering at me, with his ears innocently sticking out like Dobby the House Elf. I joke to Mhairi how alike they are and she tells me how they actually considered dressing Jeff up as Dobby last Halloween. Hanky over the head instead of a pillowcase and he’d be good to go. This sparks a discussion about names.

Jeff has various nicknames ... Dobby (from Harry Potter) when he puts on a sad face for sympathy AKA treats, Mr Burns (when he has his tiny teeth on show), Santa’s Little Helper (again from the Simpsons). When he’s out a walk with his best friend Reggie the Frenchie we sometimes call them Phil and Grant due to their contrasting shapes.
Jeff is such a sweet boy. He absolutely loves to be with his humans as much as possible. Whenever I come home he greets me with an excited little howl which could almost pass as a purr. He loves being adored. If someone passes him without paying him any attention he’s heartbroken! He thinks everyone should make a fuss over him.

It’s a bright sunny day outside which means the light keeps changing from a bright shining contrast, to a moody cool shade, echoing the tones of mint green on the walls. Jeff turns from a brown grey to a blue grey with each change. He has the most beautiful suede like coat and teddy bear amber eyes. With such a kind little face it’s so easy to become friends with him. I decide that my nickname for him is Gentle Jeff. Mhairi always knew she wanted a blue Whippet. She tells me how they found one another.

It was fate. After deciding to get a blue whippet and looking for litters in Scotland we found him by chance, being advertised online for rehoming. Coincidentally we didn’t have to go too far to get him as he already lived in the same town! Jeff was a year old when we got him, now he’s three and a half and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.
I love having a constant companion who goes everywhere with me. Jeff is the most sweet and gentle soul. The love from your dog is the purest most loyal love ever. My friends definitely think I’m crazy about my dog but I just love to spoil him as he gives so much back. I had a dog when I was growing up but Jeff is my first Whippet and they are very special breed, they are all about their owners.

Soon our shoot comes to an end and despite us only having a short session, I can already see how much of a character Jeff is. He’s a modest, selfless chap, who loves nothing more than quality time spent with his mama. It was a pleasure to capture them both together, and freeze-frame a favourite part of their routine.

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