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A Garden Photoshoot with Bertie, a Wild at Heart Foundation Pointer Rescue


When I first received the enquiry to photograph Bertie, a Pointer mix rescued by The Wild at Heart Foundation (the charity who brought Alan home to us) I was super excited! Not only would I be photographing such a handsome boy, but I’d get to hear how this fellow Cyprus hound had settled into Yorkshire country life. Bertie had an at-home shoot and I captured him going about all of his usual garden duties.


Piercing brown eyes and a head tilt that’s so on point, it would give some of those Instagram influencers a run for their money. He’s a curious and calm boy that sure knows how to work those angles. When I first meet Bertie he’s sat in his chair, looking super handsome and almost as if he was part of the furniture. His striking black and white markings mix so elegantly with the tongue and groove cladding and wicker accents around him. I slowly introduce him to my camera, getting him used to the sound of the shutter, all the while his nose wiggling like crazy as he tries to sniff (suss) me out.


His shoot was a gift from his human sister Alice, to their mama, Helen, and Alice tells me how the pair have such a strong bond. In the early days of Bertie’s adoption he was quite understandably nervous, especially when Helen wasn’t around. Coming all the way from Cypus, everything was brand new, even living in a house would have been new and a bit scary. But Bertie soon got to grips with his new routine. Even from a young age, he was super inquisitive, a quality that I picked up on as soon as I met him.

When we first got him, he was prone to running off, following something’s scent, which was a worry in the beginning but he slowly started to learn and calm down. He knows to stay in the garden, and he likes napping under the trees! I think the biggest thing for us to get used to was that he was very different from our previous dog, a Border Collie who was more independent and liked her own space. Bertie is completely different, he loves to be with us and be cuddled. It’s just a reminder that every dog is different and every dog has a unique personality.

Bertie spends the majority oh his shoot out in his beautiful garden, and I don’t blame him. There’s pockets of flowers, a big open lawn to prance about on and lots of little nooks to explore. One of which being the garden pond. Mid-shoot he decides to take a break and drinks straight from it. Then he’s back to it, zooming around, finding sticks and investigating interesting smells. He’s a lucky dog, having such a lovely space to pass in and out of as he pleases. I ask Alice what Bertie’s favourite day would look like.

A lie in, a mid morning nap in the sun, a long walk, then home for another nap, a run around in the garden, dinner, cuddles on the sofa and then bed! He’d be asleep 50% of the time!

In the short time that I’m photographing Bertie, I think it’s safe to say that we become good friends. He reminds me of a wiser, less boisterous version of Alan. Although he does have his cheeky moments (like jumping up on the kitchen table so he can survey the space) he’s gentle, loyal and in Alice’s words, ‘A cuddly leggy baby’. She goes on to tell me more about his sweet nature …

He’s so affectionate. He’s definitely a lover, not a fighter; he’s shy and a mama’s boy. He loves a belly rub and a good cuddle and he’ll sit on you for a cuddle whenever possible.

As our shoot draws to a close, Bertie slumps back into his chair in the kitchen. His eyes are heavy and I know it won’t be long before he drifts off, no doubt dreaming about being back in that wonderful garden. I feel like I’ve had a personal tour all of his favourite things to do and it’s been an absolute joy.

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