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What to Expect on a Pet Stories Photoshoot


At Pet Stories we make sure to fully understand your pet and the lifestyle you share. This makes for a fun filled photoshoot, with great pictures at the end of it.

Read on for an insight into the process of a Pet Stories shoot and why taking the pictures is only a small part of it.

The Pre-Shoot Process

From the minute I receive your shoot enquiry, I am already thinking about location, style and the overall aesthetic of your pet's photography shoot. In the early stages, I will ask a few questions so that I can really understand your pet. By doing this I can plan a shoot that reflects your bond and is truly individual to you and your little pal. There might be a certain behaviour trait, or something that makes your animal unique and special to you that you want me to capture. So it's a great opportunity to get special requests or 'things to look out for', out on the table. Now that I have all of the necessary information, I will ask for a deposit and we can schedule your shoot.

What Happens on a Pet Stories Shoot?

I use the first 10-15 minutes of your session, simply just getting to know your pet. I wait for them to approach me and will slowly introduce my cameraI (usually accompanied with the odd treat) so that they can get used to this foreign, noisy object. We’ll have a play, maybe a cuddle - they soon get used to me lingering around.

Then, I let your pet take the lead. The whole photoshoot is about the two of you/the whole family just doing what you usually would. Whether that’s playing, having cuddles, sleeping, or even being a nuisance - nothing is staged or posed. For your pet, it’s a day of doing all of their favourite things and by the end of it they conk out, very content (and with a belly full of treats).

There’s no restriction on time for your shoot. Most shoots usually last between 1-2 hours and it’s totally up to you if you want to split your shoot across multiple locations. Maybe some shots at home, followed by a few snaps on your pet’s favourite walk?

Throughout your shoot, I ask lots of questions about your pet’s routine and their personality. Not only is this a useful way to gather information for when I come to writing up your pet’s story for the blog, but it’s also a nifty distraction tactic so that everyone feels as relaxed and as natural as possible. And if you don’t want any pictures with your pet, that’s totally fine! You would be surprised how a bond can be captured even when the owner doesn’t have their face photographed.


When Will I Receive the Images of My Pet? 

After the shoot, I focus on edits and it usually takes around 4-7 days for me to get digital images over to you. You will then receive an email link for an online viewing gallery so that, depending on your chosen package, you can pick your favourites or download all of your images. It’s at this stage that you can also choose any images that you would like to be transformed into prints. Once you have decided on your prints, they usually arrive within 1-2 weeks. They are beautifully hand packaged by me and if you’re local to Leeds I like to hand deliver them myself. If you have decided to feature your pet on the Pet Stories blog, I might send through a Q&A so that I can be absolutely sure I have all of the right info for your feature.


Hopefully this post has provided a little insight into the pet photography service you will receive. If you’re interested in booking a shoot you can visit the packages page here or get in touch directly We look forward to hearing from you! 

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