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A Sunday at Home with Alice, Pete and JD the Cavalier King Charles


Alice & Pete adopted JD (yes originally named after the Scrubs character) the Cavalier King Charles just over 5 years ago and in that time he’s become a double breakfast bluffer, an avid bed humper, and even has an alternative persona called ‘weekend dog’. Out of all the Cavvies I’ve met, he certainly is one of a kind.

I walk into the living room and JD immediately takes cover under the dining room table. He’s a bit shy, but it’s not long until he pokes his seal-like head out in exchange for some treats. He’s a clever little guy and he soon associates the sound of the shutter with a biscuit reward. He sits calmly and patiently, but not in an unnatural or posey way. We become friends. Alice and Pete tell me he’s very food motivated, so much so that he often tries his luck at two breakfasts.

JD plays us off one another. He’ll pretend to each of us that he hasn’t been fed... he’s almost had two breakfasts numerous times by acting like he’s starving hungry when in fact he had a huge bowl of food 30 mins before! His method involves a lot of whining and Elvis leg shaking

A Pet Stories shoot always involves a bit of playtime, with dog and owner/s just playing the usual games that are part of their routine. I knew JD was pretty special, the moment I hear his playful little wails while playing half-way fetch (he doesn’t bring the ball all the way back). He likes to whine and growl until he gets the ball, where he takes it to his favourite corner of the rug, nibbling at it but also protecting it until it’s taken and thrown for him to bring back (ignore) again.


JD is often quite vocal. He doesn’t necessarily bark, but is prone to the odd harmonic howl. It’s a big part of his morning/night time routine, with most mornings starting with a howl and a demand to be moved into Alice & Pete’s bed for a leisurely lie-in.

The shoot was gifted to Pete for Christmas, and from the off Alice tells me about JD and Pete’s bond …

He’ll kiss Pete on command but not me. Pete hates it how JD’s definitely “Pete’s dog” when I’m not around, listening to rules and sitting on his lap, but when I get back he’s back to his normal disobedient self!

I can see JD’s cheeky side coming through in just the few hours that I’m shooting. He spies his bed, discreetly tucked into a corner with his toys covering it up. A tactful move on Alice and Pete’s behalf as JD likes to have a good old hump of his bed on a daily basis. Although this is very much part of his personality, it’s not necessarily picture worthy. Ha! JD is quite an independent little chap. He’s used to his home comforts and his routine. Alice tells me how anti-social he can be when it’s just the two of them at home.

I work from home, largely so that he doesn’t have to be left alone all day, but he refuses to sit in the same room as me. Yet when we go to get the underground with him (which he loves, along with buses, dragging us into the station), he’ll jump up all over us and give us hugs and ‘kisses’. Because he’s so standoffish normally, we’re always so grateful for any love he gives us! He also has an alternative persona called “weekend dog” where he sits on our laps and is super affectionate. Monday 9am rolls around and he doesn’t give a damn.

JD is such a city dog that when he’s in the great outdoors he can sometimes get a bit overwhelmed. I’m told about some of the sticky situations the trio have gotten into.

One “special” moment was losing JD in Epping Forest  - he disappeared after some squirrels and Pete had to go off to find him. In the end, JD came back, and then I spent an hour calling for Pete instead. He also doesn’t take well to cows, so we have a lot of photos of Pete carrying JD through herds of cattle on the moor looking likea fireman hero type.

As with every Pet Stories shoot, I asked Pete & Alice to summarise JD in three words, but understandably, as JD is such a little character I got a variety of options which I could choose from. I myself couldn’t decide as I loved every combination of words. So as we come to the end of JD’s story, here’s a really really good summary to close on.


'Not easily impressed'

'Disgruntled, insatiably hungry' 

"Grumpy old man"

"My best friend"

"Food. SQUIRREL. Nap. (Repeat)"

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