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Pet Stories First Birthday Exhibition


In March 2018, Pet Stories turned 1. In a year, we've come across a whole lot of unique personalities, and have a cracking selection of photos to match. So what better way to celebrate a year of Pet Stories photography than by sharing the archives. Happy Birthday to us. 


Held at Woodlawn coffee Horsforth, the exhibition not only highlights the special relationship shared between pet and owner but also features some of the Leeds locals, enjoying a coffee with their little sidekick. In the run up to the exhibition, shoot days were held at Woodlawn Coffee, where regulars at the coffee shop (the human and the four legged kind) could have their picture taken. These images were featured alongside the Pet Stories archive, showing how each pet-and-owner bond is individual and significant.


Pets play such a momentous role in our lives, so photographs that capture their spirit, demeanour and the relationship shared with their owners, are photos that are cherished beyond their lifetime.

If you would like to freeze frame the bond that you share with your pet, get in touch to arrange your shoot, or find more information on our available packages here.  

The Pet Stories First Birthday exhibition will be running until 9th May 2018, at Woodlawn Coffee, Town Street, Horsforth. Keep track of the Pet Stories Instagram for an inside look at the exhibition and use the hashtag #petstoriesfirstbirthday