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Pets at Work: Alfie at Third Eye Signs


When I first got in touch with Kieran at Third Eye Signs, I felt like I already knew him. Subconsciously, I’d spotted his handywork all over Leeds and as a newcomer, I found myself drawn to the independent shops, cafes and restaurants he’d ‘signed’. My little epiphany was made even more exciting when I realised Kieran had a workshop buddy, Alfie. A Pets at Work post was in the making.

Pets and painting – it’s a pretty soothing combo. Throw in some cracking natural light and you’ve got a recipe for a chilled morning. And that’s exactly what I got when I visited Kieran, AKA Babb Sabbath, at his sign painting workshop in the suburbs of Leeds. As he worked on a commission, Alfie the Saluki/Golden Retriever cross, worked the camera.


When you picture a workshop dog, I reckon Alfie comes pretty close to that impression? A relaxed yet guarded soul, who seems to always have one eye open – just keeping a close eye on the situation in hand. Alfie was very composed. Very aware. Very adorable.

As I started to photograph him, I realised that his favourite thing to do (when he wasn't dosing) was to chew random leaves and offcuts in the yard. He comes, he goes, he's up and down the stairs, sometimes appearing with a log, randomly ready to play. He’s a proper dog. There’s a lot of movement in the studio. Heavy signage shifts from one place to the next and big decisions are made on what to put where. Alfie senses these critical moments, lingering at Kieran’s side and trying to get involved, wanting to show that he cares too. I dot between the workshop and the yard, shadowing Alfie's steps. 

Later, a familiar face passes by and an arm reaches over the gate to greet Alfie. He must have so many local friends. He gets to receive passing cuddles and in return, no doubt adds a bit of cheer to someone’s day. The yard is his spot, his space, Kieran’s is mostly inside and they both know the score. The perfect team. 


To see more of Kieran's work, or for more information on commissions, visit the Third Eye Signs website. 

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... Stay tuned for the next Pets at Work post, featuring Olive the Dalmation.