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Pets at Work: Monty at Moth


In a previous life I worked in the interiors industry so for me, a pets at work post featuring one of my favourite homewares stores was a perfect scenario. Photographing the posiest of Poodles, made it even better. 

Moth is an independent shop in the heart of West Didsbury, Manchester, specialising in Scandinavian furniture, homewares and jewellery. Before entering, you'll spot paws on the glass and an excited little face at the door, grinning from ear to curly ear as you walk in. Before even looking round the shop, you can't help but collapse in a heap on the doormat for a cuddlefest with Monty, the six month old Toy Poodle. He really is tiny. And he really does smile. It certainly puts you in a good mood, which is only ever a good thing when you're surrounded by beautiful Scandi objects.

I've visited the store a few times now and with each customer that walks through the door, this warm welcome is repeated. On my visit as photographer, I observed as Monty bounded up to new people and then played freely under the display table. Just him being there, doing his own thing created such a nice, friendly atmosphere.


Amongst the gorgeous ceramics, minimal candles and sheepskin cushions - there's Monty. His vibrant red curly coat blends in seamlessly with the homewares and furniture around him. He's so stylish. I start photographing him and again he's smiling, standing perfectly still. He's such a poser. While I'm there, he sleeps, he chews crawling plants and he plays with his toys. All in a day's work for Monty. Just before I leave, we get some shots with Monty and Moth owner, Hazel, and he parades himself on the counter-top. It's a place that's usually forbidden, but even there, he elegantly strikes a pose, as if he's aware of his stylish surroundings. 

It's time to say goodbye and I give Monty one last scratch behind the ears. I've never known a dog to fit so well into his surroundings, and to have so much sass! He's one cool pup and he knows it. 

To see more of little Monty you can follow him on Instagram here, as well as the Moth feed here

Stay tuned for the next Pets at Work post, where I visit a Leeds based ceramicist and her studio Schnauzer. 

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