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Welcome to Pet Stories Photography


Until a few months ago I was working in the trend forecasting industry, helping big name brands stay one step ahead of the curve. I predominately worked as a researcher, pulling together trends that would help brands and retailers respond to important changes. Photography was just a hobby but I wanted nothing more than to transform my interests into my career. So I decided to leave the trend industry behind. 

Working as a trend forecaster meant I discovered a thriving pet industry that even as a pet owner I would’ve been non the wiser to. I had to be part of it. This, combined with my photographic eye and of course my love for animals led to my new venture …Pet Stories Photography.

Over the years my 7 year old Cavalier King Charles, Ted, has had his fair share of pictures and has unintentionally taught me a few things about photographing dogs. I've learnt the art of patience and the difference between capturing a natural behaviour and a staged pose. You could say that Ted has been my inspiration. Without realising, I’ve been on a constant look-out for opportunities to capture his little quirks and habits, that give away his unique, loveable character. So much so that I guess this is just second nature to me now. When I photograph dogs I don’t set out to take pictures, instead I make friends, play and just so happen to get great photographs along the way.

You can find photos of Ted here on one of his favourite Northumberland beaches. 

Emily Nicholson